Strategic HRM

Strategic HRM


Coaching can maximize performance, in turn productivity. Understanding the relationships between our motivations, decision making, and behaviors is a primary equation enabling or disabling achievement. Learn More


Leadership development is more critical today to organizational success than at any point in global commercial history. Strategic HRM provides comprehensive suites of leadership development solutions. Learn More

Organizational Development

Organizational complexity and marketplace competitiveness are synonymous with conducting business in today's global economy. In order to achieve industry sustainability, organizational leaders must articulate clear, cohesive, and compelling visions of the future and strategies for their realization. Learn More

Change Management

The scope and rapidity of global change requires organizational leaders to be adaptive, resilient, and innovative in order to enable organizations to achieve competitive advantage in their markets. For organizations to achieve competitive advantage, leaders must engage change as a key strategic ally, not an inhibitor of success. Learn More

Our company provides complete access to our database of research reports at no charge to our clients. Additionally, from time to time, we release industry-specific research reports that deal with relevant organizational behavior topics. To ensure your privacy, it is the policy of Dr. Michael Williams to never share, resell, trade or display your email address in any way. So attached is a formatted page that can aid you in signing up for our research services by providing us with your name, email, and phone number.

Academy for Coaching and Training


Expertise and experience, coupled with efficient consulting engagement management, enables out clients to accelerate growth goals, and win in their markets.


Collaboratively conceived and adult-centered designed, client trainings are simply designed, clearly articulated, readily executable, and systematically measureable.


Knowing client industries and building customized, company-specific solution presentations are hallmarks of the Academy for Coaching and Training presentation design methodology.